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Dave "Phoenix" Farrell.

David Michael Farrell, more commonly known as Phoenix (born on February 8, 1977), is the bassist for the nu metal/rapcore band Linkin Park.

Farrell was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts but later moved to Mission Viejo, California when he was five. He is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and he is adept at playing the bass guitar, electric guitar, cello and violin. He has also been known to play a stand-up bass at some concerts.

Farrell was a member of a Christian punk band known as the Tasty Snax. While attending college, he would practice with Brad Delson in their dorm room together. However, because he had to play and tour with the Tasty Snax, he could not play with Delson and his band, which would become Linkin Park. After changing their name to the Snax, Farrell began playing guitar in the band before leaving once again to join Linkin Park full-time to play bass. Farrell's fellow bandmate Mark Fiore became Linkin Park's videographer.

Farrell has cited his influences as being his mother and his brother, Joe, as well as Weezer, The Beatles, the Deftones, The Roots, Bob Marley, Sarah McLachlan, Hughes & Wagner and Harrod & Funck.

Farrell now resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Linsey, to whom he has been married since December 28, 2002. Fitting to his nickname, Phoenix, he has 2 phoenix tattoos on his back.

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