Linkin Park and Viddy first anniversary

LP - - Linkin Park and Viddy first anniversary

Im with the band, dude

If you have always wanted to star in your very own music video, your day has come. Theres an app for that, and a band that wants you to rock out with their music.

Viddy is an app for your smartphone allowing users to capture any moment and give it a cinematic touchfor free. You can produce your very own 15-second video and then post them to share via your social media site like Facebook or Twitter.

The Viddy app also mines the relationships between fans and several celebrity music artists, offering fans the opportunity to jump into their videos. Linkin Park, a major digital innovator in popular music, joined with Viddy adding to their social media reach. The band has utilized the power of new media since they were founded and to date has over 40 million Facebook likes.

Were always looking for innovative ways to interact with our fans, and Viddy provides that new and exciting creative outlet. The fans are able to follow Linkin Parkand individuals like Phoenix, Joe and meto engage with us and with each other. Likewise, we see it as a new platform to deliver them content and prompt instant conversation, Linkin Parks Mike Shinoda told

The artists, like Linkin Park, provides the music and graphics to Viddy for fans to use in making their own music videos.

Linkin Park says they like the immediacy of Viddy and other social media sites and apps.

It is important to us to have that direct relationship with our fans, to cultivate the vibrant community that has built up around Linkin Park over the years. From putting out our music, to raising funds for our charity organization, Music For Relief, we are always looking for new tools to play a role in each connection and call-to-action, Shinoda told

Its not just a one way street, the band says they likes the feedback from fans and the ability stay connected to fans worldwide.

Were engaging fans rather than simply messaging them. We reply to fans on Twitter, and we do video and text chats with small groups of fans in our fan club, Linkin Park Underground, Shinoda says.

When youre making updates or posts, its important to find the right style of content and the right frequency at which to post things. Finding that balance has been key to the success of our Facebook following. Linkin Park is the biggest band on Facebook, with 40 million and counting, and I believe it has something to do with the kinds of things we post and frequency at which we post them.

This year, we have a new album coming out in late-summer, and some of the most important parts of the release plan focus on our online community, because the energy there is so powerful and so far-reaching.

Other artists partnered with Viddy include Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Incubus, and The Muppets. The app is free, but production packs per artist cost $.99.

Download Viddy: Apple iTunes.