Fort Minor - The Rising Tied (Special Edition) (2005)

Скачать - Fort Minor - Fort Minor - The Rising Tied (Special Edition) (2005)

Исполнитель: Fort Minor
Альбом: The Rising Tied (Special Edition)
Год выпуска: 2005
Жанр: Rap, Hip-Hop
Формат/Качество: mp3/230 kbps

01. Introduction
02. Remember The Name Feat. Styles Of Beyond
03. Right Now Feat. Black Thought & Styles Of Beyond
04. Petrified
05. Feel Like Home Feat. Styles Of Beyond
06. Where'D You Go Feat. Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga
07. In Stereo
08. Back Home Feat. Common & Styles Of Beyond
09. Cigarettes
10. Believe Me Feat. Bobo & Styles Of Beyond
11. Get Me Gone
12. High Road Feat. John Legend
13. Kenji
14. Red To Black Feat. Kenna, Jonah Matranga & Styles Of Beyond
15. The Battle Feat. Celph Titled
16. Slip Out The Back Feat. Mr. Hahn
17. Be Somebody Feat. Holly Brook & Lupe Fiasco
18. There They Go
19. The Hard Way
20. Petrified (Los Angeles Remix)

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