Q & A 2008

LP - Интервью и статьи - Q & A 2008

Question: Will you be doing more with Fort Minor sometime in the future? - WillSherwood
Mike: No plans, but I did some work on an upcoming Styles Of Beyond album. It’s coming out soon.

Question: How was it being on MTV's "Punked"? - angel123
Mike: Did you ever pee your pants in preschool and everyone laughed at you? It’s like that.

Question: Is there a website where I can see your art? - Jossi
Joe: No website for my art, but maybe later on. www.SURU-LA.com

Question: Will there be another remix album? - BOBXCORE
Phoenix: Definitely maybe.

Question: What's the most important thing to bring while on tour? - Nightshad3
Phoenix: Cholula or Tapatio (especially internationally!!!)

Question: Hey guys, I'm from The Bahamas, where rock music is not popular at all. How does it feel to have fans from a variety of cultures worldwide? - SunShyneY2J
Rob: It’s great, I wish we could do a show in the Bahamas!! Maybe one day!

Question: Hey Rob, how long did it take you to get where you are now on your drumming skills? - Blessed_Ignorance
Rob: Up till today. I started playing for fun when I was 12. The process of learning and improving never ends.

Question: How were you able to perform when you broke your wrist during the show? - Heatheroz
Chester: The pain of disappointing the fans is way worse than a broken wrist.

Question: Where did you learn to sing? - robstar
Chester: I learned by singing along to my favorite records.

Question: Brad, I'm an amateur guitarist. How did you get so good and what helped you come up with your songs? - fenderfreak123
Brad: I took guitar lessons for years, practiced a lot, taught guitar lessons, and listened to a lot of music!

Question: How do you feel when you first get on the stage? - pehrfy
Brad: Excited.

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