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mrhahn1 says to (12:01): Hi this is the mean supreme Korean shaking machine Ask away

ACDalgaard says to (12:02): Did the video for New Divide change much in the making?
mrhahn1 says to (12:03): No

Anstice says to (12:03): Hey Joe! My name is Jade. My friend and I were wondering who you PERSONALLY would like most to collaborate with and why? Thanks and see you on Wednesday when we hang out in the studio! =)
mrhahn1 says to (12:03): I collaborate with god and it doesn't get much better than that.

CounterGT says to (12:04): Joe, out of everyone in the band, you seem the most like an evil genius. Do you have evil lair in the side of a volcano or are you more original?
mrhahn1 says to (12:05): The genious part is right, but I would say the other guys in the band are much more evil. I'm a kind gentle soul.

cesarlp says to mrhahn1 (12:05): Might we have a DVD where we could watch in detail the new video? what would be that DVD. Thanx Joe. ceZAR from Peru!
mrhahn1 says to (12:06): cesar: There will probably be a DVD at some point.

chad_the_deadly_game says to (12:06): hey joe nice to chat with you. do u guys plan on havein another project rev next year ?
mrhahn1 says to (12:07): I think so...we're still figuring it out.

aysenur says to (12:06): There are resemblences to the film in the video, if new divide were not written for a film, what would be the concept of the songs video?
mrhahn1 says to (12:07): aysenur: Well we wrote the song for the movie, so it's kind of hard to contextualize that because I don't have a good imagination.

lacrima15 says to (12:07): hey:) what's your favorite style of art?
mrhahn1 says to (12:09): I like Mike Shinoda's art. To see more check out mikeshinoda.com. Mike's the best!

Giannis_LP says to (12:07): Hi Joe, how are you???You know i think you are the best DJ and director!!! My questin is if you could tell me what exactly is the breakdown in 2.38 of the song. Is a kind of guitar solo, DJ effects or something ealse?Please answere me i begin you!!
mrhahn1 says to (12:08): It's a combination of keyboard/guitar effects chopped up in a very electronic way.

Franny says to mrhahn1 (12:07): Hey Mr. Hahn! My question is: From all Linkin Park videos you directed, which is your favourite one, and why? Greetings from Malta! LP the Best!!
mrhahn1 says to (12:09): My favorite video is New Divide because it's bad ass.

Guerrero says to mrhahn1 (12:07): Hi Joe! I'm Paul from Athens. Congratulations for ND video! Chester's digital "blood" scenes were very cool! How did you did that? Also is the Trans/mers theme gonna to effect LP stage set at this year's tour? And the girl in the video is Megan Fox?Thanks!
mrhahn1 says to (12:11): There's no blood in the video, it's actually water. No the theme won't effect the stage set, but we will be playing the song on tour. Megan is foxy :)

Gabo says to linkingabo (12:07): The visual effects in ND clip are really cool. What inspired you when you made the video?
mrhahn1 says to (12:12): I was inspired by the music and the movie, how they would collide in a very organic way acheived through various digital effects and photography.

ipek says to cesarlp (12:10): Hey Joe :) What do you think of opening another SURU store in somewhere else? Will there be another SURU store? Greetings from Turkey :)
mrhahn1 says to (12:13): We're thinking of opening another SURU in Los Angeles but we need more people to shop at this one for us to do that.

JoeyDC says to (12:10): Outstanding work on the New Divide video, Joe! Do you watch a lot of music videos yourself or where do you get your inspiration from?
mrhahn1 says to (12:13): THanks appreciate it. I used to watch a lot of music videos, but not so much anymore because they aren't really on TV as much. Occasionally someone will send me a link to check one out. I get a lot of inspiration by checking out a lot of art, photography, science and reading a lot.

Jani says to (12:10): Hi Joe! Have you guys made any setlists ready for the Sonisphere tour? And if you have, are you going to play any of those songs you haven't played in a long time, like And One, Hit The Floor etc.? See you in Finland next month!
mrhahn1 says to (12:15): We haven't made a set list but we probably won't play those songs. We're going to do a cover version of Baby Got Back going into Paperboy "Ditty" and as a finalie the Pussycat Dolls are going to come out and sing. However, things may change.

handsheldup says to linkinparkwashere (12:12): Hey Joe i was wondering what happened to the band members getting jerked around by strings in the video?
mrhahn1 says to (12:18): The thing about being jerked around is figurative, because I'm always being jerked around. Being jerked around is the story of my life.

linkinparkwashere says to (12:11): HI Joe! In the making of the video for New Divide there was a whole section with the band being yanked around by strings. I watched the music video and did not see this. Why was this taken out? or was it not and I was just not looking close enough?Thanks!!
mrhahn1 says to (12:16): I'm not a big fan of doing making of's because it shows a lot of stuff we're doing and it gives away secrets and techniques, whereas I like people to focus on the finished product. Sometimes it gives people a sneak peak but other times it ruins the illusion.

JNuts says to (12:11): Joe, on the next LP album, will we get to hear more of your scratching? We only got to hear you on a couple songs on MTM. Thanks, J for lpprojekt.com
mrhahn1 says to (12:17): JNuts: I do a lot of scratching but it gets edited out a lot.

Mohnaryl says to (12:13): What can you say about bluring pixels (special effects) in video New Divide? Why?
mrhahn1 says to (12:18): Bluring pixels is fun because it's fun.

mariam_LP says to (12:13): hey joe!! how long does it need making a video like new divide?
mrhahn1 says to (12:19): New Divide took a month to make. It took 3 days of pre-production, 2 days to actually shoot, 2 weeks of post production for all the effects.

lp4evr24 says to (12:14): Are you currently working on any projects not related to LP?
mrhahn1 says to (12:21): We're going to develop projects for films, working on an art project that's going to be at SURU July 12th, that's going to benefit a charity called Riders For Health. I'm doing some meathod acting workshops in preparation to portray Kim Jong Il in a biographic pic directed by Francis Ford Coppola, co-starring Megan Fox.

MusicIsHealthy says to mrhahn1 (12:14): If you would have ever got the chance to be part in a movie in the past, which movie would it have been and why? :)
mrhahn1 says to (12:23): I want to play Obama in his life story.

LPSmallpkgTNT says to PinkyLouloulp (12:14): Hi Joe, I love the new video! How did you end up being the artistic visonary for the Linkin Park videos? I know from early on you have had your hand into it.
mrhahn1 says to (12:24): Basically I do it because no one else can do it, and I used to do special effects for movies in the past.

LP4Life says to (12:15): Hey Joe :) , How is the new LP cd progressing?
mrhahn1 says to (12:25): It's awesome, we're almost done writing it but it's going to take 3 years to mix, j/k. ;)

dopplepopplelus says to (12:18): will ur new album be like hybrid theory or like minutes to midnight?
mrhahn1 says to (12:26): Hopefully neither, hopefully it will be it's own thing. It's got a lot reminiscent of jungle sounds, kind of like spa music ;)

OneWay says to (12:20): What kind of science do you enjoy? What intrigues you about science? (you mentioned you are interested in science and I am a high school chemistry teacher):D
mrhahn1 says to (12:28): I am really inspired by the movie Weird Science. I also like Hot for Teacher, Van Halen.

Nessa128 says to wiiesel (12:20): hey joe! Have you ever written a songtext for LP ?? greets from germany!! :)
mrhahn1 says to (12:29): I try not to write lyrics.

nillp says to mrhahn1 (12:20): how was to direct a video based on a movie? do you have plans to direct another movie soon? are we going to see some of you collaboration in Mike's new art exhibition? do you see yourself or have plans to do an art exhibition too? thx, xoxo nil from BRAZIL
mrhahn1 says to (12:30): It was an enjoyable experience to see how we can integrate the essence of what we do and the essence of the film and combine it into something cohesive that both really fit into each other. : No plans to direct another movie soon. Maybe re: Mike's art exhibit, I've thought about doing my own exhibition, but it takes a lot of work to do it so that's deterring me from doing it because I have so many things I want to do.

Poci says to (12:21): Hy Mr. Hahn. Will you make a new instrumental song for the upcoming album? greet from Hungary!
mrhahn1 says to (12:31): Yes I'll make a new instrumental....maybe.

SpikeShinnizle_93 says to (12:21): Hi Mr. Hahn! Glad to see you there:) You are the best! My question is that in the album Minutes to Midnight you guys were more sensible about what's going on around the world. Will we get to see it in the next album also? Greetings from Turkey!
mrhahn1 says to (12:32): WHen we write an album we don't have an agenda as far as speaking up politically. Sometimes the song demands that kind of message but we try to just be inspired by the moment and kind of let things natrually happen.We mainly do songs about how we feel, we're not trying to convince anyone of how we feel, we're just trying to express it.

nanda_lp says to (12:21): Joe, if you were to chose between directing and beeing a DJ, which would you prefer?
mrhahn1 says to (12:33): I like doing what I do. I like being able to do different things and not being stuck doing just one thing. It's all relevant creatively.

Rhinestone68 says to (12:23): Hi Joe ! thank you very much for being there, you gave me the desire to start learning deejaying =) ! As well, what are your cinematic inspirations in your work as a director ? And do you think about directing a whole 2 hours movie someday ?
mrhahn1 says to (12:34): I enjoy movies as well as stories I think everything is related to a story being told you know? And the way to express that story whether it be a book, comic book, painting or film all that stuff is inspirational to the way I approach. I'd like to eventually do a long form feature film.

Shadow942 says to (12:23): Greetings Joe, my question is, are you performing any scratching soloes in the upcoming new LP album? Thank you, Ollie from GB :)
mrhahn1 says to (12:35): I do scratching solos all the time but sometimes the volume is turned down.

vegmonkey says to (12:34): Hi, the mean supreme Korean shaking machine! Do you guys want to be in the next Transformers film? :D Greetings from Denmark :)
mrhahn1 says to (12:36): Sure, why not.

Wello says to (12:34): Were you involved in the post-production of New Divide or were you just in charge of directing?
mrhahn1 says to (12:36): Wello: I'm in charge of it all, baby!

thegluelpfan says to (12:34): Hi Joe!If you could have directed a video from one of your favorite bands which video would it be?
mrhahn1 says to (12:37): I'd like to do a video for U2, Depeche Mode or Nine Inch Nails. That would be fun! or Madonna

Thapark says to (12:35): What is it like to be commanding your bandmates while producing a video? Must be very funny! Thanks, love you dude!
mrhahn1 says to (12:38): It's cool, they trust that I know what I'm doing so they let me do my thing and I think a lot of times I challenge Chester to do different things and he's always down.

xaris_lp_21 says to Bourdie07 (12:38): hey joe!you ve been asked to make the soundrack of transformers.how did you guys magage to create such a great song as new divide in a short time out of nowere?also your directing at the video was great!congratulations Joe and LP!greetings from greece!
mrhahn1 says to (12:39): Thank you. Good question, I think it's just we have a lot of really good support, and when we're put under a situation of pressure we try to deliver.

yigit says to (12:39): Are you personally working on any special intro's or outro's for the upcoming summer tour? Lots of love from Turkey! (= Man, ND video is awesome nothing to say!
mrhahn1 says to (12:40): Nope. It's going to be a lot of fun and excitement though.

ZacharyJohnson says to (12:40): As the director of both music and short movies, how was directing"The Seed" and directing Linkin Park videos different?
mrhahn1 says to (12:41): It's conceptually very different to direct every product. Directing videos is a much different approach then a narative which is much more free flow.

chaz93 says to (12:41): Hi Joe is the new album has eletronic influences?
mrhahn1 says to (12:43): Yes, it has electronic influences.

Guerrero says to _4FeitTheGame_ (12:45): Hi Joe, me again! One last question. At the last seconds of the video, at the Tran/mers battle, it looks like Brad and Phi coming out of the robots. The last one is you or Mike??? And Thanks for your time again Mr. Mighty Hahn!!!! (6)
mrhahn1 says to (12:46): It's either Mike or me, one of the two.

eros_lp says to (12:45): Hey Joe, do you feel powerfull at directing by telling everyone what to do?
mrhahn1 says to (12:46): Yes. As Spiderman says, with great power comes great responsibility. And I got the power.

fromchaos says to (12:45): hi joe what first made you want to do samples and do you look up to any djs for inspiration
mrhahn1 says to (12:46): I like DJ Tanner and DJ Quals

ForgottenF0rever says to (12:46): Did you have any problems while making the music video for New Divide?
mrhahn1 says to (12:47): No problems at all actually, it was a breeze. Michael Bay was really helpful.

JoeyDC says to (12:47): You have achieved a lot already, but is there something in particular that you'd still like to achieve? Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
mrhahn1 says to (12:48): I'd like to see a health care reform, and restore balance in the economy, and standardize sustainable energy.

JanekZech says to (12:48): Hey Joe, will you guys play old songs which you haven?t played for a while on the summer tour? Thanks!
mrhahn1 says to (12:49): Yes. We're actually in rehearsals right now, we're debating on whether to do "Never going to Give you up" Rick Astley.

hybrid_lp says to (12:48): Hello Mr Hahn, could you tell which of guys is the hardest to discipline while making a video? ;) Greets form Poland
mrhahn1 says to (12:50): Rob Bourdon, he's always running his lip.Phoenix can't stop talking about golfing.

LPRemX says to (12:50): Hey Joe, I would like to know what is your favorite LP's song ?
mrhahn1 says to (12:51): The Nookie

mrhahn1 says to (12:52): Parting words: Haha, LPL, TTYL, OMFG, KIT, Have a nice summer ;)

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